Planned Giving

We spend our lives earning a living and then enjoy our retirement years traveling and volunteering. Many, however, don’t plan for a final gift to the organizations they have loved and supported throughout their lives.

The Legacy Society provides a means for you to include the Frank Lloyd Wright Trust in your final plans, to create a legacy in your name so that others may experience the innovative and influential ideas of Frank Lloyd Wright which you have come to know and appreciate.

There are a number of creative ways to support the Frank Lloyd Wright Trust such as a will bequest or trust, a retirement account beneficiary, life insurance beneficiary. Membership in the Legacy Society ensures the vision of Frank Lloyd Wright will live on for generations to come.

Ways to include the Frank Lloyd Wright Trust in your plan.

Please inform us of your intent to join the Legacy Society.

The Trust can provide assistance to determine the best strategy to suit you and your family and your charitable intentions. For more information about the Legacy Society, contact Tom Pierce, Director of Development at 312.994.4011 or